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It is our mission to provide consistent high-performance service to every Valued Customer. We do this by following our 3-Phase Management Process, which consists of:

Phase I (Start-up Phase):
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Phase II (Construction Phase):
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Phase III (Close-out Phase):

We believe that the Start-Up Phase and the Construction Phase are completely overlooked by the Customer, no matter how well we do, if we fail in the Close-Out Phase. Based on this belief we feel that the project team must get some help from a fresh support group, behind the scenes, that internally manages the Close-Out Phase of the project. We do this to Finish Strong - there is no room for complacency at LOTT ENERGY.

The assigned project coordinator will receive the punchlist and work with the project manager and superintendent to aide in expediting the completion of the punchlist. The project coordinator will develop a punchlist matrix to track the completion, verification and sign-off of every punchlist item.

Testing/Owner Training
The assigned project coordinator will schedule and set up the video recorded owner training session(s) and assemble our test reports - hard copy and electronic copy in book-marked pdf format.

Asbuilts/O&M Manuals
Our Engineering Team has been maintaining our Asbuilts In AutoCAD throughout the duration of the project. They have incorporated all rfi's, asi's and any field modifications that were made into our Asbuilt file. They also gather and consolidate the Asbuilts from our 2nd Tier Subcontractors. They also work with the project coordinator to gather all manufacturers spare parts and extended warranty information so that it is contained in our O&M Manuals.

Consent of Surety/Final Lien Releases
The assigned project coordinator is responsible for gathering the Consent of Surety and all ORIGINAL Final Lien Releases from our vendors and 2nd Tier Subcontractors.

Once the project is complete and the Owner is occupying their new facility; we begin the warranty period. The warranty period is managed by our first class Service Department. They will log all warranty issues and respond within (24) hours. Our service technicians are dispatched in fully stocked service vans and are all trained to work in an operating facility. Our technicians will greet the Owners contact and explain the service that will take place so that the Owner will be aware of the time it will take before any work begins. Most of the Owners that receive our warranty service are so satisfied with us that they almost always select LOTT ENERGY for all of their ongoing electrical maintenance.