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It is our mission to provide consistent high-performance service to every Valued Customer. We do this by following our 3-Phase Management Process, which consists of:

Phase I (Start-up Phase):

Project Set-up
Pull required permits, request payment/performance bond, assign the best suited Project Manager & Superintendent for the project type.

Develop a site Specific Safety Plan
Establish a safety plan that is specific to the project type, construction method, materials and project location

Assign an on-site Safety Manager
All LOTT ENERGY projects have a safety manager that is OSHA 30-Hour Certified

Establish our Material Logistics Plan
In order to ensure that all long lead equipment and material items are delivered on time, we develop a delivery matrix that is tracked and update on a daily basis. Our material logistics plan also includes the use of packaged material kits that contain the exact quantity of part items for various activities being performed in specific areas. These material kits are delivered to the project site when they are needed.

Generate the Required Submittals/Shop Drawings
As soon as a project is awarded our Engineering Team begins the submittal/shop drawing process. All submittals/shop drawings are indexed and bound by specification section. We also include an electronic submission that is bookmarked in pdf format.

Design the Temporary Service, Temporary Power & Lighting System
The temporary service, power and lighting system is critical to the construction process. We ensure that the temporary power system is construction friendly and is installed in a manner so that it doesn't impact other trades work or cause damage when it is removed. We know that the temporary system must support construction office trailers, storage trailers, buckhoists, tower cranes, power for elevators/escalators, swing stages, etc. We also know that the other trades need to perform their work and they always need more power than originally anticipated. Don't worry we take this into consideration and generally have no issue accommodating their needs. We also make sure that our temporary power and lighting system exceeds OSHA standards.

Dissect the Project
Our Engineering Team collects the electronic media from the Architect/Engineer so they can begin our Installation and Pre-Fabrication Drawings. Whether required by the GC/CM or not, at LOTT ENERGY every project goes through Building Information Modeling (BIM) or CAD. This is a critical and necessary function for us to perform to the level that we expect of ourselves and most importantly commit to our Customers. BIM/CAD allows us to identify potential conflicts/clashes with the structural, architectural or other trade elements. The BIM/ CAD process, even without the participation of all the trades, is still an effective method for us to plan, layout and coordinate our work items efficiently and accurately. We believe that we are better off having over-planned our work in advance, even if some mistakes are made, than if we didn't plan at all. Our Installation Drawings are fully dimensionalized so that our field team isn't required to scale drawings on the jobsite. We also coordinate and overlay all of the structural, architectural, civil, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, millwork shop drawings, cabinetry shop drawings, etc elements. This information is all transferred to our installation drawing floor plan that includes all of the necessary information (including our parts/pre-fabrication assembly list) for our field team to perform an accurate and efficient installation without flipping drawings or fear that they are missing information such as rfi's, asi's, addendums, etc.

Staffing Plan
We want to help our Customer push the project. We review the construction schedule and develop a manload chart that will allow us to forecast our manpower needs in advance so that we are never under staffed and can always help drive the project through the finish line.

Phase II (Construction Phase):
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Phase III (Close-out Phase):
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