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It is our mission to provide consistent high-performance service to every Valued Customer. We do this by following our 3-Phase Management Process, which consists of:

Phase I (Start-up Phase):
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Phase II (Construction Phase):

In the Construction Phase we are starting to benefit from the activities we performed in the Start-Up Phase. The key to the Construction Phase is staying at least one step ahead of the construction schedule. Our team is proactive and we always plan our work in advance and communicate with our Customer to avoid any schedule set back, cost impact or surprise to the Customer.

The project is going well and we have our Purchasing Manager tracking all of our long lead equipment items to make sure that every critical part, material or equipment item will be on the project site early enough to install the equipment and have adequate time to overcome any product deficiency and/or unexpected mishap.

Subcontractor Meetings
During the Construction Phase our Superintendent, Project Manager and Project Engineer are attending the weekly subcontractor meetings. We love these meetings and we love to participate in them. This is when we bond and team build with our Customer and our valued Trade Partners. We also communicate any impacts that we are experiencing on the project, any information that we need from the GC/CM and also learn what our Trade Partners will be doing for the next week so that we are aware of any potential hazards or maybe some light coordination that needs to take place just trade to trade over the next week to help each other, which ultimately helps the project succeed.

Payment Applications/Lien Releases
Behind the scenes, our office team is diligently processing payment applications and making sure that our ORIGINAL Lien Releases are ready when our Customer calls to say they are needed. We make sure that our Vendors/Subcontractor's are paid early every month, not only so we can take advantage of the discounts that they offer us so we can be more competitive on bid day, but also so we don't cause any delay in delivering the Lien Releases.

Manpower Planning
Throughout the duration of the project we are continuously updating our 3-Week Look Ahead Schedule to make sure that we have sufficient manpower, material & equipment on the project to maintain the construction schedule. We are very proactive and want to make sure that our manpower is never questioned by our Customer. We are aware of the activities taking place on the project and we will always make sure that the project is properly staffed.

Phase III (Close-out Phase):
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